We finished our racing season at the Shamick Racing Enduro at the Go Kart Club of Victoria over the past weekend fielding 4 teams in Tag Senior with Jace Lindstrom/Declan Somers (#99) Jordan Boys/Conor Somers (#88) Mark Seddon/Sebastin Perrone (#49) and Kristian Janev/Adam Lindstrom (#47) and two drivers in JNR KA3 Alexander Yoannids (#25) and Pip Casabene (#99)

The Jace Lindstrom and Declan Somers entry would come away with a nail biting win in what would come down to the wire in the tricky wet conditions at the end of the race and go one better than their previous best result of 2nd at the 2019 edition, Kristian Janev and Adam Lindstrom ended up with a 5th position for the day after fighting at the front for the majority of the day, surprise entry of the day was Mark Seddon and Sebastin Perrone putting in a stellar drive from 15th on the grid to 6th at their first assault at their 4.5 hour event! Conor Somers and F5000 regular Jordan Boys would end up in 19th in a day that was heckled by mechanical problems.

In KA3 Junior Pip Casabene would qualify on the second row of the grid for the 1.5 hour race for his chance of the win being ruined by a turn two crash that would ultimately provide damage to the kart and be forced to retire later in the race, Alexander Yoannidis Improved from his qualifying result and would run just outside the top 5 all race and being in contention of a top 5 result at the end only for mechanical problems to force a retirement in the last 15 minutes of the race.

We now turn our focus to season 2023 with testing programs now being put in place over the Christmas and holiday in preparation for a big year to come! If you would like to organize a testing day with us in your lead up to the coming season get in touch today.