Prokarting dominate the City Of Melbourne titles

Pro Karting took to the Panduit City of Melbourne Titles over the weekend at the premier Go Kart Club of Victoria circuit. Pro Karting once again being led by Grant, Jace and Adam Lindstrom had over 20 drivers under their care for the prestigious title! With drivers from as young as the Cadet 12 category, all the way through to the senior ranks representing the national championship winning operation.
Kristian Janev and Declan Somers donned the Pro Karting colours in the ultra-competitive X30 Light class. Janev was able to lead the charge in qualifying and land himself on the front row, with Somers just outside the top ten in position 12. Janev had a brilliant 3 heat races with two seconds and a win, having him off the all-important pole position for the final. Somers was able to move forward across the heat races and come away with two top 10 finishes. Janev led into turn one and didn’t look back crossing the line in position 1 and taking the victory for Pro Karting! Somers raced hard in the extremely competitive field coming home just outside the top 10 in position 13.
Max Torcasio was the single driver Pro Karting attack in the hard fought KA3 Senior Light class. Torcasio did a brilliant job in qualifying to land himself in the top 5 and right in the front mix. Max dropped down to position 10 in heat 1 but fought his way back to position 7 in heat 2 and position 5 in the final heat race. Torcasio put in a brilliant final race in one of the toughest classes of the weekend and was able to come away in position 5 overall!
Will Harper and Lukas Janev took their turn on the track for Pro Karting in the near full field of TAG 125 Light. Harper set the track alight in qualifying landing himself in position 2 overall, with Janev down in position 21 after not being able to practice Friday due to work commitments. Harper continued his fast and consistent weekend never leaving the top 3 in the heats, while Janev was able to make his way forward across all 3 heats and be on the verge of the top 10. Harper was right in the battle for a podium when he was unfortunately involved in an incident which took him out of podium contention. Janev was able to continue his charge through the field to come home in position 9, with Harper recovering to come right behind him in position 10.
KA4 Junior Heavy had the double driver act for Pro Karting with Callum Newton and Darsyn Harris. Newton and Harris were both able to qualify inside the top 10, with Newton in position 9 and Harris right behind in position 10. Both drivers raced in and around the top ten with Harris finishing as high as position 7 in heat one and Newton as high as position 10 in heat one. Both drivers were able to finish the epic 17 lap final, with Harris just outside the top 10 in position 11 and Newton right behind in position 12 overall.
New Zealander Marco Manson and Lucas Constanzo were the youngest drivers to take the grid for Pro Karting in the Cadet 12 category. Manson qualified on the second row of the grid in position 3 with Costanzo just outside the top ten in position 12. Manson was able to come home in position 2 in heat 1, position 1 in heat 2 and crossed the line first in heat 3, before a time infringement put him out of position 13 for the final. Costanzo had a DNF result in heat 2 which hurt his chances but he was working to fight his way back up the grid. Manson made a charge to the lead pack in the final but a lap kart incident stole his chances of victory away. Manson came home just off the podium in position 4, with Cosatanzo making his way back up to position 14 in the final!
Mikhali Triantafillidis had his Pro Karting power plant strapped to his TAG 125 Restricted Medium kart. Triantafillidis was able to qualify in position 9 and was eager to move his way forward. Mikhali did just that coming home inside the top 5 in two of his 3 heat races. Triantafillidis worked his way to the front of the field in the final and was able to come away with the victory in the final!
TAG 125 Restricted Light had the trifecta of drivers in Sebastian Perrone, Mark Seddon and Angus McAndrew. Perrone qualified on the front row of the grid, with Seddon not far behind in position 4 and McAndrew just outside the top 10 in position 11. Perrone was able to take victory in heat 1 and 2 and position 2 in the final heat, having him off pole position for the all important final. Seddon never left the top 5 in the heats showing his speed, while McAndrew had made his way forward into the top 10 by the final. Perrone raced hard at the front in a close final coming home on the podium in position 3. Seddon unfortunately ended on the side lines in the final after battling for position in the top 5, while McAndrew came through for his best finish of the weekend in position 7 in the final!
KA4 Junior Light had regular Pro Karting front runners Pip Casabene and Benjamin Munro taking to the starter. Casabene set qualifying alight landing on row 2 in position 4, with Munro not far behind in position 7 overall. Casabene was brilliant in the heats never leaving the top 3 and was right in the battle for the win. Munro moved into the top 5 across the heats also showing he had great pace to fight with. Casabene led in the early stages of an epic final and came home with a credible position 4, just out of the podium place getters. Munro was involved in incident which unfortunately took him out of the race while battling in the top 5 drivers.
Casabene and Munro were back out on track alongside Alexander Yoannidis in the competitive KA3 Junior class. With over 30 drivers in the field, all 3 drivers did a superb job to qualify in the top 10 with Munro in position 3, Yoannidis in position 4 and Casabene in position 7. All 3 drivers raced hard and fast at the front of the field, never leaving the top 10 drivers in the heats. Munro was able to get as high as position 2 in heat 2, Yoannidis position 6 in heat 2 and Casabene position 7 in heat 1 and 2. Heartbreak struck for Munro at turn 1 on lap 1 being involved in an incident and out of the race. Casabene and Yoannidis continued to battle hard at the front of the field and came home in position 5 and 6 respectively in the championship final.
TAG 125 Heavy was another triple driver affair with Jason and Rick Pringle alongside Ryan Cook ready to go to battle. Jason was able to bust the clock in qualifying landing on pole position, with Rick Pringle and Ryan Cook also in the top 5 in position 4 and 5 respectively. Both Pringle racers were right in the front battle with Jason taking a win and position 2 in heat 2 and 3 and Rick never leaving the top 4 across his heats. Cook also raced around the top 5 showing the strong pace Pro Karting had. In an epic final which looked like going either way, Jason and Rick Pringle came home on the podium in position 2 and 3. Cook was able to come through for his best result of the weekend just off the podium in position 4 overall.
Team manager Jace Lindstrom spoke post weekend on the team’s weekend of racing. “To win the premier class in X30 this weekend is a big achievement for our team. It’s something we have been working hard towards. 3 other podiums in other classes topped off a great weekend. We had really good pace with KA4 and cadet 12 drivers but unfortunately the race didn’t pan out. It was a big achievement for the Pro Karting engines also winning 4 classes including Cadet 12 with our engine lease program”. Pro Karting will be looking to finish their SP Tools Australian Kart Championship on a high next weekend at the final round in Newcastle!